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Welcome to the home of the Irish Stryker's the pinnacle of irish sport car racing. Stryker is a small, simple, lightweight  open top sports car.

Founded in 1998, the Irish Stryker Championship first appeared on the grid in MondelloPark, where a field of competitors turned out their newly built Stryker kit-cars for the very first time.

The Stryker design is based on the legendary Lotus 7 which was designed by Lotus founder Colin Chapman.  The distinctive shape and layout of the cars is easily recognisable and similar to Caterham kit-cars.  Like its close relations, the Stryker is synonymous with light weight, simplicity and high performance driving thrills.  Weighing approximately 640kgs (including driver) and a Ford Zetec engine with up to 170bhp powering the rear wheels, the power to weight ratio of approx 260bhp per tonne can humble much more powerful cars and entertain in equal measure.

The Stryker is without doubt one of, if not the lowest cost cars to maintain in Irish circuit racing.  Being light in weight, it does not wear consumables like tyres, brakes and suspension as easily as other classes of racing cars.  Likewise, parts are generally keenly priced and the cars are very easy to work on for anyone who knows how to swing a spanner.  The Championship works on the basis of a fixed technical specification that all cars are to conform to, this helps keep the costs down and the racing close.

If you feel you have the skill or potential to succeed in circuit racing, or simply want to have a lot of fun on the way – there is no better place to be than the Irish Stryker Championship, the true home of clubman racing in Ireland.

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Mondello Park, Donore, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Created by Chris D'Alton